Important earthquake strike Chile… again!

What a 2011 beginning! less than hour ago a mayor important earthquake hit on the south of Chile, again. According to the USGS report the magnitude is 7.1 with an epicenter location on ground!!! close to the city of Araucana.

There are some videos running on internet right now from the moment of the earthquake, it looks like there is no much damage just an interesting shaking…

As we can see in the “Did you feel it” section on the USGS website, a lot of people report this event but the reported intensity is between Light and Moderate.

There are no report of mayor building damage, we are waiting any report from landslides and co-seismic effects (liquefaction, lateral spreading, LANDSLIDES!!). This post is going to be actualized soon if is necessary .

UPDATE: It looks like there was just a shaking, one of my friends from the Geological Survey of Chile (SERNAGEOMIN) just told me by phone that there is no tsunami warning, or any mayor damage in the nearest cities, of course no landslides at all, and this is the official report from the University of Chile (6.9 Ml).

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