Are you Ready? This is Maca!

And yes! finally this project is going to be alive. Almost one year from the main idea: the evolution of EnMorrenas to TerraMotus, and why? because Enmorrenas is mainly dedicated to glaciers environments and is in Spanish (don’t worry, all of this post is going to be in Spanish at Enmorrenas from now).

So, this is the first picture ever of this new era: The Maca Landslide, here the dossier

  • Location:      Maca, Arequipa, Peru
  • Lithology:     Quaternary lake deposits
  • Status:          ACTIVE
  • Speed:           Some meters per year
  • Damage:        The town of Maca

We can clearly see how the main mass of the landslide is stabilized by the “andenes” but he problem is still there, the bad use of the agriculture water is creating a new scarp inside the town. If you are so nosy, you can see in the top of the picture a small mark of a debris flow, quite common in this part of the Andes.

Well, this is the beginning of TerraMotus, wish me luck in the comments and  have a geodynamic 2011!!!

All the best for you!

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About Patricio V

Hey! I'm Patricio, I'm a natural disaster scientist trying to do some research in Peru, if you like the blog please leave a comment. Thanks for stop here! Hola! Soy Patricio, un científico en desastres naturales tratando de hacer algo de investigación en Perú, si te gusta el blog deja un comentario. Gracias por leerlo!
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